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The Same Weapon X Program That Created Wolverine Also Made Captain America, Luke Cage, And More

27 Aug 2020 2.8k views16 items

For years, it was thought the horrific experimentation that saw Wolverine’s skeleton laced with adamantium was part of the Weapon X Program - a government initiative that also led to the creation of other superhumans, like Deadpool. And while that’s still mostly true, one big revelation Logan has made of late is that the "X" in Weapon X is actually a Roman numeral, and that the entire project is just one phase of a larger program dating all the way back to WWII - the Weapon Plus Program.

In its several decades of existence, the secretive and shady Weapon Plus Program has served as the origin story for countless prominent superheroes, including some of Marvel Comics' best and brightest. That so many costumed crusaders share a common backstory perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise - especially when it gives writers the opportunity to tie something together with Wolverine’s origin, easily one of the most iconic in comics.

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